Confessions of a Photographer
Confessions of a Photographer

For a long time I was a full time commercial and editorial Belgian photographer. Right now, I’m on a sort of sabbatical to rediscover photography and my role in it.

Ever since I started my professional career, I've been passionate about sharing information and knowledge with others. Workshops, lectures and speaking engagements bring me all over the world to meet inspiring fellow creatives. 

I am proud that my work is recognized by Fujifilm, my favorite camera brand. As an official Fujifilm X-photographer, I feel privileged to do campaigns, workshops and speaking engagements for the brand and work with the engineers to keep improving their products. The support of Fujifilm Belgium also means a lot to me.  

The KAGE Collective is an international group of visual story tellers. It's an honour, a pleasure and an inspiration to be part of this amazingly talented group.

I'm a forty-four year old gentle giant who spends most of his spare time inspired by three beautiful kids and the outdoors. 

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For questions about workshops, you can mail to photographers at Unfortunately I don't have time to answer individual photography questions by e-mail. But you can always send your questions in and I'll try to answer the most interesting ones in future blog posts.