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Solstice Experience Workshop - 21 December 2017

Bert StephaniComment
Solstice Experience Workshop - 21 December 2017

The 21st of December will be the shortest day of the year and that's the perfect moment for a challenging workshop about making the best of the available light and supplementing it with flash. This is an Experience Workshop, which means only two participants, a personal learning experience, portfolio building opportunities and a great model. 



The Experience Workshops are designed to help each participant to grow on his or her individual path. We don't start from a predefined program but build a tailored one to your needs and adapt it as we progress. 
You will receive a little homework assignment (don't stress, it's not that much) before the actual workshop which will allow me to understand where you are and where you want to go. It's not unlikely that you'll discover things that you didn't know, you didn't know. 
On the workshop day, we'll discuss your homework, what you'd like to achieve and how we will structure our day. We'll immediately jump in the deep end, start shooting and focus on establishing the best shooting workflow for you. 
Throughout the day we will setup shoots in different locations in the area to create a variation of circumstances and looks. You will be shooting a lot, so this is a very intensive day.
Technique is definitely part of every workshop but it's definitely not our only focus. We will also deal with posing, expressions, working with the subject, composition, ... An Experience Workshop is also a creative group effort that always leads to new insights. 
At the end of the day, we'll sit together and review and process some of the images. After the workshop, I will also provide some online feedback on your images and you'll be invited to a closed Facebook group for all the participants of my Experience Workshops. 
For more information, you can also check the blog about how the first test of the Experience Workshops went. 


We'll be shooting mostly outdoors in a beautiful natural environment near Zoutleeuw (about 40 minutes from Brussels). Within walking distance we have beautiful fields, orchards, wild nature and some woods. Right in the middle of this area is a small cabin which will be our headquarters for the day.
I know the area very well and a couple of days ago, I went there to take some test shots so you have an idea what to expect. (In case the weather forecast would be really bad, I will provide another location.)


I'm excited to be able to bring my friend Maud to this workshop. She's not just a beautiful young lady with natural poses and expressions. She's also a dream to work with. You are free to use the pictures you make for self promotion (website, social media, ...) Here are some pictures that Maud and I made together earlier this year during two different sessions.


- 21st of December 2017, meetup at 8 o'clock so we can catch the sunrise for our first shoot. The official workshop will end around 17-18h. Those who want can join me afterwards for a drink or a bite to eat.
- We'll be shooting mostly outside in a natural environment, so bring the right clothes, shoes and mentality.
- Our basecamp is a little cabin that does have heating but no electricity, so make sure your batteries are charged.
- Coffee, soft drinks and a bread lunch are included in the workshop fee. If you want to join me after the workshop for drinks or something to eat, that will be on your own dime.
- You only need a camera and a couple of lenses. I will probably bring something like an X-Pro2 with a 35 and a 56mm or the GFX50S with the 63 and the 110mm. For those who prefer zoom lenses, a standard zoom and maybe a longer lens is fine too.
- As I can work very individually with each participant, it doesn't matter how experienced you are, as long has you have a good understanding of basic concepts like shutter speed, aperture and iso. 
- I'll also bring a tripod and lighting equipment. You can bring your own if you want, but feel free to use my stuff.
- Special introduction price for this workshop is 495 EUR (incl. VAT), after December 6th, the price will go up to the normal price of 595 EUR (incl. VAT). This includes tuition, model fee, location fee, coffee and drinks during the workshop, lunch, follow up feedback and a whole lot of fun.