Blogging Again

Blogging Again

I started blogging back in the day when it was a new phenomenon. At first I blogged in Dutch about what it was like to be an aspiring professional photographer. David Hobby convinced me to switch to blogging in English and that was the start of a crazy adventure that made me travel the world, teach photography and meet amazing people. 

But after a few years, I got tired of the pressure of coming up with new good content all the time. The blog dragged on for a while. A website crash was the final nail in the blog's coffin. I made a few half assed attempts to start new blogs but I could never get myself to see it through. 

My passion for sharing ideas and knowledge online found other channels. Through Facebook and Instagram, interviews and guest posts, I continued to share something here and there. My YouTube channel became the main line of communication and remained so for several years. The only problem with video is that it such a hassle and a lot of work to put something together. It usually takes me at least a full day to record and edit a video. Days that I simple don't often have. 

I've also been through, what I call, a photographic midlife crisis. I wrote a couple of articles for the KAGE Collective about it but in short I needed to reinvent myself. During that period I found it hard to share and to teach as I wasn't fully sure where I stood. 
My vision is much more clear now, the passion is back and I've learned so much that I'd love to share with you. 

And that's why the blog is back. I won't wait to publish until the website design is all silky smooth. Also I won't commit to a schedule, I'll simply blog when I have time AND something to say. I'll still be doing YouTube videos whenever I can too.

I'm looking forward to read your feedback and comments, so please help me turn this blog into an interactive conversation.