Social Media Hibernation

There’s a chill in the air, the trees have lost their leaves and the sun doesn’t seem to have enough energy to recharge my batteries every day. I love how technology allows me to communicate with friends all over the world but I’m also exhausted by the pressure and sheer volume of information that comes with social media. Therefor I have decided to step away from Facebook, Instagram, blogs and YouTube for a while. Don’t worry, I won’t delete my accounts, I might even be online every now and then, I just want to limit my use of social to the bare minimum for a month or so.

It’s partly a detox exercise because I’m very much aware that social media is an addiction but it’s mainly a way to get some rest and have time for some introspection. I want to have time to help my kids through their exams and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. I’m finally following through on that 5K run training, I want to make some creative work in all freedom and tie up some loose ends.

I’m sure the world won’t stop without my contributions for a while, nor will my world stop if I miss the announcement of every new filter or battery. I will see you all again in early 2019 unless you drop by for a beer or a coffee in the mean time.